Is It Worth Your Time and Money to Buy an Inflatable Pool?

Inflatable pools are more durable versions of kiddie pools. They are less expensive than in-ground pools and are very useful when you don’t have a lot of free space.  Some premium models are much more robust and have a frame to help reinforce their structure, but they are significantly more expensive.

While smaller pools, such as kiddie pools, may appear to be a convenient option for getting through the hottest days of the year, purchasing something larger, such as an inflatable pool, may appear intimidating. 

Even if you do decide to purchase an inflatable pool, is the entertainment and tranquility it can provide worth the effort required to set it up, take it down, store it, and maintain it?

Choosing the Right Pool Size for You

There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing an inflatable pool. How often will you use it? How much room do you have for your pool? The age groups of those who will be using the pool. Also, the needs versus wants of owning a pool; will it be used for swimming or simply to cool off? 

Smaller-sized Pool for Toddlers and Younger Kids

A toddler or kiddie pool is appropriate for children aged 3 and up. They are reasonably priced and simple to install and relocate if necessary. Pools with a diameter of 6–8 ft and a depth of 20-25 inches are the most commonly recommended sizes. 

The smaller pool (6 feet by 20 inches deep) will require approximately 250 gallons of water to fill. A slightly larger, 8-foot by 25-inch depth size will require approximately 550 gallons of water.

These smaller pools are easy to fill and typically take around 10 minutes to fill, depending on the type of air pump used. This is especially useful if you need to move or drain your pool regularly or if it is causing damage to your lawn.

Larger-sized Pool for Older Children and Adults

As we all know, children must be supervised when using pools, regardless of their age or level of responsibility. However, the smaller pools mentioned above may not be adequate, necessitating the need for a larger pool. However, how big should you go?

There are three more conventional sizes used by pool manufacturers. Choosing the proper size for you will depend on how much free space you have to install your pool. Also, remember that a larger pool requires thousands of gallons of water.

The following is a basic guide to the three most common pool sizes:

10 ft diameter30 in depth.1000 gallons of water
12 ft diameter30in depth1400+ gallons of water
15ft diameter36in depth2500+ gallons of water

The time it takes to inflate and fill the pool with water will be slightly longer, possibly up to half an hour. Due to earlier factors, it is important to remember this when you need to relocate your pool frequently.