How Much to Rent a Bounce House?

Renting a bounce house can be a great source of fun at parties! Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party or a family get-together, a bounce house can surely bring laughs and smiles to these little faces! But how much does a bounce house rental cost? 

The cost depends on the time duration of the rent. Usually rental companies charges on an hourly or per-day basis. They will let you use the house for 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours at a time. They also offer different packages or add-ons. The average price ranges between $140 to $285 for a 6-hour time block. Per-hour rental ranges between $30 to $50. However, the prices tend to increase depending on the larger bounce house size, more time duration, or including add-ons.    

There are several factors that trigger the price of the rent. In this article, you will get a complete idea about the renting price range of these inflatables and we will give you tips to save some bucks.

Some Factors That Affect the Price

  • Larger the house, the higher the rent. You can get small bounce houses for $100 to $140. A standard one will cost $140 to $280. Bigger ones will be $500 or more.
  • Rural areas cost lower than areas nearby cities. You may have to pay about $100 more for the congested and high-demand city areas. 
  • Water slide rentals cost almost double. They contain a water slide, pool, or other amazing fun addition, so they range between $300 to $500 which is almost double the standard bounce house rental. 
  • Weekends’ rent is higher. Bounce houses are rented mostly on weekends or holiday time when people get time for a party or get-together. Therefore, the charges fall on weekdays for low demand.
  • Add-ons increase the rent. You can also have additional features and equipment with the bounce house, for example, folding chairs, generators, bubble or cotton candy machine, etc. Adding them might increase your total cost. 

How Much Is It to Rent a Standard Bounce House?

A standard bounce house is typically small or medium-sized. They are widely used for their affordability and variations. 

A medium-sized bounce house is sometimes also known as a combo rental. These inflatables come with a climbing wall, a slide, or something interesting feature along with a medium-sized jumping area for the kids. 

The price ranges between $125 to $285 for a day, usually a block of six hours. The cost can go up to $500 if you’re willing to use it for an 8 hours deal. And for each additional hour, you may have to pay $25 to $80 extra. 

While renting is good because every time you can rent a new design and kids can have different experiences, you may also put a thought to purchase one by yourself. Because, purchasing a medium standard bounce house will be around $500, which can save a lot of future rental costs.    

How Much Is It to Rent a Small Bounce House?

A small bounce house can be suitable for younger children. They usually just have a bouncer and takes less space. 

The prices range from $100 to $150 for a 6 to 8-hour block. The price differs from company to company. They are very much affordable and convenient for small children and toddlers.  

How Much Is It to Rent a Large Bounce House?

Large bounce houses are usually expensive for their complexity and different features. These are most suitable for adults or a big party where many youngster guests are attending. 

You may have to count $400 to $600, and sometimes even more for renting these giant inflatables. Sometimes delivery or setting charges may not be included with it, and you have to pay a little more. Some companies may also charge extra for using water. 

These bounce houses are rich with many features. For instance, climbing adventures, obstacle courses, slides, water pools, balls, and nets can take the joy to another level! 

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How Much Is It to Rent a Water Bounce House?

Water bounce houses are usually medium-sized and they feature having a slide, a pool, and water hookups. These can be a great source of joy in the times of summer. 

The cost is higher because of the special water features and extra labor to set up and tear down. They typically cost between $300 to $500 for a 6-hour time block. 

You can get a smaller unit of water slide for under $200 for a day. These would be suitable for small children and toddlers who love to have fun with water.  

Note that, Water bounce house requires a water hookup along with an electrical outlet. 

Bounce House Rental Duration

Most inflatable companies rent their bounce houses for a specific hour limit. Depending on that, you can have the house for 2, 4, 6, 8, or even 10 hours a day. 

Obviously, for more time duration the cost will be higher. For a medium-sized standard bounce house, you have to pay $25 to $50 for every extra hour. 

So if you’re planning to rent a house for a party, calculate the hour limit depending on your party’s schedule.

Average Bounce House Rental Cost Breakdown

Most of the companies include the delivery, setup, and tear-down fees in the complete renting package. Some companies might only ask for rental and charge extra for delivery or setup.

Note that, most of the rental companies may ask for 50% payment in advance to book the bounce house for the day of the event. 

1. Delivery and pickup

It is better to ask the rental company and be sure about whether they put delivery and pickup cost into the total cost or not. Also, know if they will deliver a cleaned and sanitized bounce house. Because this is for children, it’s better to ensure that no health risk is present. 

If they do not include delivery and pickup with the cost, you may have to pay an extra $50 for these. 

2. Setup and tear-down

Many companies don’t allow you to set or deflate the bounce house on your own. So setup and tear-down costs are often included with the total rental cost. 

But some companies may spare these costs from rent, so ask if you have to pay any extra money for it. 

Note that, for delivery or setup, you may have to give some tips to the person who is giving you the service. This is not included in the rental cost.   

Additional Rental Fees

Other than delivery or setup fees, there might be other additional fees that the company might not advertise perfectly. It’s better to ask them about these additional fees before renting an inflatable. The possible additional fees may include-  

1. Cancellation fees

Most bounce house rental companies have a 24 hours or 48 hours cancellation policy. You may have to pay a 25% cancellation fee if you suddenly call off the booking. The price can range between $50 to $100 depending on the bounce house.

However, some companies may be flexible in cancellation or rescheduling your event.

Sometimes they can cancel on their own for any internal problems or bad weather like storms or rain. In that case, you may get a full refund. 

It’s better to know their cancellation policy before you book a bounce house.  

2. Travel fees

Renting companies usually have a range of locations to deliver the bounce house. If your required location is far from that range, you may have to count some extra fees for that.

Usually, you can expect to pay $25 to $50 extra for remote locations. The rate can vary between companies, so you can ask around different companies for a better option. 

3. Cleaning fees

Cleaning and sanitizing are usually included in the total rental price. But sometimes, the kids can make the place dirtier than you expect. Chewing gum, glue, mud, glitter, or any kind of dirt, which is hard to clean out, can make you charge extra fees for deep cleaning. 

It’s always better to clean the bounce house as much as you can by yourself before they come to pick it up.  

4. Generator fees

A bounce house needs to be constantly blown with air by a blower. So it requires electricity all the time. 

If you don’t have any electrical outlets close to the setup location, you may need to include generator fees to ask for a generator. 

A 2300-watt generator will cost you an additional $75. A 3000-watt will come with an additional $100. So, if you need a generator, remember to ask the rental company when you place your booking. 

Packages and Discounts

Many rental companies offer packages and discounts to increase their sale. Renting a package will save you some money because, if you want the equipment separately, they will cost you more. 

You can look for the packages or discounts on the advertisements or just simply call and ask the rental companies. Also, If you know someone in the company, he might arrange a good deal for you. 

Tips to Save Some Money

You can’t really turn the costs too low, but you can have some considerations to save some money while renting a bounce house. 

  • If any of your friends or relatives are in the business you can contact him/her to get a good deal with a bounce house. 
  • Look into different companies and see what they are offering. You’ll surely get an affordable option. 
  • Try to talk and haggle a little bit to get a little discount.
  • Ask about offers, packages, or special discounts 
  • You can pick up and drop off the inflatable by yourself to cut off the delivery costs.
  • If you can set and tear down the inflatable by yourself, it can also help save some bucks.
  • If the company charges extra for cleaning, you may clean it by yourself.

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost to Buy?

If you need to use a bounce house multiple times or frequently, it’s better to buy one for yourself than rent it again and again. 

You can get a small to a medium-sized bounce house for between $200 to $500. A bigger one with a water slide will cost around $1000. You may also need to buy a blower and tarp additionally if they don’t come along with the bounce house. A blower price can range between $60 to $90.