Can Adults Use Bounce Houses?

Looking at those kids jumping and laughing on the bounce house and having the time of their life sometimes makes you want to do the same, doesn’t it? That brings the question if adults can use the bounce houses or not.

The good news is adults also can use a bounce house to play and have fun. But it is important to know the weight limit and durability of the bounce house before stepping on it. Usually medium to large inflatables can take one or two adults, but the smaller ones cannot.  

If you want to bring out the kid in you, it is important to know which bounce houses are suitable for adults and which are not. In this article, you will get all the information you need before you consider jumping on a bouncy inflatable. 

How Much Weight Can a Bounce House Hold?

Depending on the size and durability a bounce house can hold 100 to 1000 pounds at a time. Smaller inflatables can hold 100 to 300 pounds, which is suitable for toddlers. Several smaller children can play in these bounce houses.

Medium or standard bounce houses can take up to 600 pounds. 4-5 kids can easily play without damaging the unit. 

Large inflatables can tolerate 700-1000 pounds at a time, and sometimes even more. These are used for big parties, where many children can play at a time. Adults can also use these bounce houses provided that they do not cross the weight limit.  

Suitable Bounce House for Adults

Larger and sometimes medium bounce houses can be suitable for fun-loving adults. There are several factors that are important to consider before you start jumping on an inflatable as an adult. Let’s break it down for you. 

Weight limit

An average adult person can weigh about 170 to 200 pounds. As a medium to large inflatables’ weight limit is around 300 to 1000 pounds, they can hold an adult’s weight without any damage. 

Keep that in mind, you should never cross the weight limit, because if you somehow damage the unit, you may have to pay an additional fine. 


Weight limit is not the only factor to consider before an adult starts to jump on an inflatable. You may not cross the weight limit but still can damage the unit by jumping. 

It is because while jumping, an adult poses more force on the surface of the inflatable than the kids. So if the inflatable is unable to take that stress, it will be at the risk of damage.

What you can do is, rent a bounce house that has twice or more the weight limit than your weight. That way, you can stay positive about not damaging the unit.    


It is natural that an adult will require more space inside the bounce house than a bunch of kids. The height must be higher too. 

The area of an adult bounce house should be more than 10’x10’ and the height more than 6 feet.

Also, if two or more grown-ups are being allowed inside the bounce house, it’s better to rent a larger inflatable to give them enough room.   


Another factor is proper anchoring. A bounce house that is for adults is more likely to move and tip over. An insufficient anchoring will lead to different injuries or accidents. 

So, make sure that you have provided the bounce house with extra anchoring with stakes or sandbags before a grown-up jumps in.  

Limit for Adult Participants

A medium or large bounce house can deliver a good fun time for one or two grown-ups.

But the larger ones, with a weight limit of more than 1000 pounds, can tolerate the jumping of 4 to 5 adult persons.

But it is advisable to check the durability of the inflatable before more adults jump in. Bounce houses with high durability are the prime priority for a fun-filled adults’ jumping party.  

Can Adults Go Into a Kids’ Bounce House?

Presumably, an adult will not fit into a smaller bounce house. So it’s better that they stay outside and keep an eye on them. 

A medium bounce house may have enough room for an adult to sit. They can go inside as long as they do not cross the weight limit and avoid jumping or bouncing. 

You should keep in mind that kids’ bounce houses are designed only for kids and not for adults. 

Can Adults and Kids Use the Same Bounce House?

If the bounce house is for adults, both adults and kids may use it to have fun. But it is advisable that adults do not jump with smaller children. 

Small kids like toddlers can easily be launched by the weight of a jumping adult and hurt themselves. Also, there is a chance that the adult falls over a kid if not careful enough.  

So, to ensure safety, it is recommended that adults do not jump with the kids at the same time. It’s better to let same-sized or same-age people groups use the bounce house at a time. 

Can Teenagers Go Into a Bounce House?

Bounce houses are usually designed for children under the age of 13. Teenagers are often discouraged to go into a kids’ bounce house. 

However, they can use larger adult bounce houses for jumping. Those big castles will surely hold their weight and force without being damaged or popping unexpectedly.   

Safety Tips for Using an Adult Bounce House

  • Do not cross the weight limit. 
  • Place a tarp underneath the bounce house before inflating it.
  • Do not forget to properly anchor the inflatable. 
  • Avoid using anything sharp inside the bounce house.
  • Do not smoke inside the bounce house. 
  • Avoid taking fragile items inside the bounce house because they can break. For instance, you can break your power glasses if not cautious while jumping and having fun. 
  • Avoid jumping with smaller children.
  • If the renting company doesn’t allow adults, it is better not to use the bounce house. 

How Much Does an Adult Bounce House Rental Cost?

Adults require a larger bounce house, so the rental cost is also higher. 

You can get a larger bounce house for less than $500 a day. However, the price can vary depending on the specifications you’re having. For instance, if the house includes a water slide or pool, it will cost somewhere between $500 to $600 for a 6 to 8-hour time block use. Read more on How Much to Rent a Bounce House.

How Much Does an Adult Bounce House Cost to Purchase?

You can even buy a large bounce house if you’re willing to party more frequently. An adult bounce house can cost from $1000 to $4000 depending on the size, durability, design, and special specifications.